Buy Shoes, Save Dogs.

GuiltySoles has teamed up with PAWS Across Pittsburgh to help raise funds for their new shelter!

PAWS Across Pittsburgh is a local non-profit animal rescue organization that re-homes tons of lucky dogs, cats, and other pets to new and welcoming families. 



GuiltySoles has always been an animal friendly product line. We are extremely proud of our vegan leather, and animal activism is at the center of our values. The opportunity to help animals find deserving homes means the world to us, and we invite you to help as well.

PAWS has expressed to us that they have a huge need for an actual shelter for their rescues, as well as food and vetting expenses. We jumped on the chance to help this organization, and structured a simple way to make it happen.

Use the promo code PAWS at checkout to get a discount on your order. 15% of the purchase price will be donated to PAWS Across Pittsburgh in hopes that we can raise the money to buy them a shelter!


Total Money Raised

1% Funded
$250 Raised
Days to Go
2 Donors

Updated at the end of each day.

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